In the City of Holdfast Bay, South Australia, the council recently completed Stage 4 of their Coast Park boardwalk project. The new 100-metre walkway is the latest addition to the wide open spaces of the Adelaide beach front. It gives easy access to all from roadside across the fragile dunes and down onto the sand. The structure uses Replas Enduroplank™ decking on a composite fibre substructure, a construction built to last for many decades even in this most exposed marine location.

The equivalent of over five million plastic bags have been diverted from landfill to make the recycled plastic used in Holdfast Bay’s boardwalks. That’s testament to the council’s sustainability practices and commitment to closing the loop in using plastic waste from kerbside and commercial recycling programmes.
After a few setbacks during construction due to large rocks requiring the structure’s redirection, easy to remedy with these eminently workable materials, Council staff are ecstatic about the finished product, and so are beach users.