Greater Geelong’s new waterfront boardwalk represents a creative solution to a range of environmental problems and a triumph in green purchasing. The old foreshore walk was faced with the challenge of coastal erosion which restricted access to pedestrian and bicycle pathways. The new boardwalk removes erosion pressure and gives users the opportunity to appreciate the marine environment up close. The 185 metre boardwalk is made from 100% HDPE recycled plastic and represents the equivalent of 469,980 two litre plastic milk bottles. Mark Jacobsen from Repeat Products said “It is a fantastic use for plastic waste and this boardwalk is an opportunity for the public to see what happens to the recyclable plastic that they put in their kerbside collection bins”. Recycled plastic offers many advantages over timber. This product is low maintenance and does not shrink, rot, splinter or support the growth of mould or moss. The predicted life of this product is at least 40 years which is far greater than a timber surface in this environment. And of course it represents the use of a waste product which would otherwise end up in landfill. This very visible project tells an important recycling story for which Greater Geelong City Council has won the 2005 ECO-Buy Walk the Talk Award. Congratulations!