Eco-Buy Reports

Eco-buy was a government based organisation that compiled reports that are of extraordinary value to Replas. These reports came from a 500,000 Victorian grant aiming to show why governments and corporations should purchase recycled plastic. Here, you will find fact sheets that explain the benefits of using recycled plastic products in full detail. As well as saving money through these products, making sure it is fit-for-purpose, and much more.

“It takes three times as much embodied energy to make a virgin plastic bollard over one made from recycled plastic.”

Why Use Recycled Plastic Products?

Fact Sheet One

Saving Money With Recycled Mixed Plastic Products

Fact Sheet Two

Making Sure Your Product Is Fit-For-Purpose

Fact Sheet Three

The Environmental Business Case For Buying Recycled Mixed Plastic Products

Fact Sheet Four

Encouraging You Organisation To Purchase Recycled Mixed Plastic Products

Fact Sheet Five

Case Studies: Purchasing Recycled Mixed Plastic Content Products

Fact Sheet Six

It is one thing to understand the range of benefits provided by recycled mixed plastic products but another to ensure purchases are made. Understand the:

  • People
  • Policy
  • Process
  • Engaging Suppliers
  • Measurement and Reporting

Finally, you will see different case studies put together after the purchased recycled plastic products. “Across Australia organisations are purchasing products with recycled mixed plastic content. They do this because of the benefits associated with the products including their durability, cost, and aesthetics. But as a key element of their waste management strategy.”

Case Study 1: Strong partnerships to generate jobs and financial savings in south east Queensland.

Casey Study 2: Solving a flexible problem at lululemon

Case Study 3: Yesterday’s barrel is tomorrow’s bollard – the drumMUSTER program

If you have any first questions or concerns about Eco-Buy fact sheets, please contact our sales department at 1800 737 527(REPLAS) or

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