The Shire of Denmark, in the southern region on Western Australia, is home to many recycled plastic products from Replas. One seat however, stands out from the rest at Denmark Walpole Football Club. The Bondini and Napier families wanted to honour their late son’s by creating and installing a custom magpie seat at the footy grounds. “In Denmark, we are lucky to have a number of benches made by Replas, purchased by our Denmark Shire. We could see they were good quality, environmentally friendly, solid and would be able to withstand our weather conditions,” said Sarah Bondini. “One of the main reasons why we chose Replas, was the fact that we could design and personalise ‘our’ own recycled bench. Once it was on the drawing board, we then had to select colours. Nothing was too much of a problem, the bench arrived in seven pieces and the installation of it was a breeze, thanks to a couple of tools, a spare hour and a little bit of man/woman power!” The recycled plastic Beachcomber seat from Replas will not rot, split or crack, unlike alternative materials, while maintaining durability with little maintenance. Sarah said the families were so proud of their creation, thanks to Replas. “We wouldn’t hesitate to use your company again. If you are ever in Denmark, WA, go to our Denmark Walpole Football Club grounds at McLean Oval and feel free to sit on our seat and take in whatever is around you, hopefully a magpie or two!”