Custom Made Signage

The Foreshore of City of Port Phillip is one of the most visited places in Victoria. It's no wonder considering it's home to some of the nicest beaches in close proximity to the CBD and tourist attractions such as the famous Luna Park and St Kilda Sea Baths. Such a beautiful area requires updated coastal signage so that visitors can read clear and concise information about the area.

The City of Port Phillip required their signs to include advisory information the environment, council information, local laws, Life Saving Victoria and ESTA emergency information. The natural solution was to install Replas Paddle Signs. The 15km area stretching from Elwood to Port Melbourne is now home to 93 double-sided Paddle Signs.

The Paddle sign is very robust, made of recycled-plastic heads, composite fibre posts and reverse-printed polycarbonate plaques to ensure its longevity. These durable materials will ensure that the important information can withstand the harsh coastal conditions for many years to come. Installed by BLM Contractors, one of Replas' Diamond Alliance members, the signs will stand tall and engaging to advise the community and tourists of the foreshore time and time again.


Paddle Sign

A highly visible foreshore and parkland wayfinding sign.

Plank Sign

A customisable wayfinding sign solution.