Cumberland City Council have replaced a pedestrian bridge along Duck River in Auburn, New South Wales, with recycled plastic Enduroplank™ decking, profiles, and bollards from Replas. “The bridge incorporates the latest technology in recyclable materials to better conserve the natural environment,” said Mayor Steve Christou. The refurbishment includes 100 mm bollards and 90 x 40 profiles for the post and rail handrail along the bridge. Luke McCloskey of NSW Building and Maintenance said Replas products were ideal for this project, “It is a very wet environment and Enduroplank™ is easy to work with and definitely fit for purpose.” The old bridge had rotted and cracked, making it unsafe for pedestrians to use. “It is excellent to see Cumberland Council using these products,” said Luke, “it simply makes environmental sense.” Enduroplank™ is a sturdy, long lasting, and virtually maintenance free decking product that provides an ethical alternative to timber. It is ideal for a myriad of commercial applications and is especially suitable for marine environments as salt water will not corrode the material, even when submerged. “The fact that all the Replas products were recycled plastic and sustainable, it makes the selection of product easy,” said Luke.