Located within the City of Casey municipality, Cranbourne Bowling Club is supported with funding from the local council which allows them to invest in Replas recycled plastic products. “Long lasting products that set us up for the future,” has explained Fritz Helle, one of the committee members. The recycled plastic products also, “reduces the amount of maintenance required which has gradually seen the replacement of tired timber to recycled plastic products,” continued Fritz. Their next stage is about to be focused on and extend their 50 recycled plastic products by another handful of seats to complete their layout of durable furniture for members and guests. Their range of products includes Kingfisher and Kimberley seats, Kookaburra Slimline benches, rubbish bins, and custom profiles applied to their existing framework. Cranbourne Bowling Club is the perfect example of what it means to Close the Loop on soft plastics, making them the true recyclers.