“The overriding ethos of Cornish College is ‘educate for a sustainable future.’ Using a recycled plastic product ties perfectly into that ethos,” explains Tom Humphreys, Property Manager at Cornish College in Bangholme, Victoria. Newly installed at Cornish College for a ramp and deck platform is recycled plastic Enduroplank™ decking from Replas. “Our thought was that by using the recycled plastic decking in exposed areas, we won’t have to rebuild any time soon. There’s also no upkeep on the plastic decking, we wouldn’t go back to using the Merbau (hardwood decking) in these situations now having tried the Replas decking,” said Tom. Recycled plastic decking Enduroplank™ is a sturdy, long lasting and low maintenance decking product ideal for commercial applications like at Cornish College. Tom explained the decking to be “quite user friendly to install,” this is due to the consistency and uniformity of Enduroplank™. Securing the planks to the supporting structure, in this case Composite Fibre, is simple with pre-drilling and counter sinking. Combining Enduroplank™ with a Composite Fibre sub-structure makes a construction that contains no timber or metal (other than fixings and brackets). Composite Fibre components are extremely lightweight, yet much stronger than steel, making it easier to install and reduces freight costs. The grooved surface also provides excellent slip resistance, currently rated at R10 (P3), keeping the students and faculty safe on any rainy day in Melbourne. “”Functionally, it works perfectly for us and the college community loves the fact that it’s a highly sustainable product. If there’s a comparative sustainable product that fits within the budget constants, we’ll use it every time,” says Tom. Personally passionate about sustainability, Tom was asked if he would use recycled plastic products from Replas again; his response? “For sure! When can we order some more?”