Congratulations, you’ve cut down on your use of plastic bags by buying ‘green’ bags to use instead. But have you found that lately you’re drowning in ‘green’ bags?

If you have visited your local Coles store lately you will know they are trying to do something about this problem. In partnership with Replas, and the award winning RED program, Coles launched their first ever ‘green’ bag recycling initiative to celebrate World Environment Day.

From June 3-17, Coles’ customers, together with schools and local councils, were called upon to round up their old or unwanted ‘green’ bags and bring them to any Coles supermarket. All bags collected were sent to Replas to be turned into outdoor furniture, which will be donated to 100 schools around Australia.

The initiative has received a great response from the public with many calls for the bag drive to be repeated. For those who missed out, Coles will soon announce another drive to take place during September.

Make a difference. Help us save as many ‘green’ bags as possible from landfill and allow us to turn them into something new and useful.