“Working with REDcycle since 2011, Coles and its customers have helped collect more than 1.4 billion pieces of soft plastic that have been turned into furniture, playground equipment, roads and most recently used in the construction of Coles supermarket carparks.”

Coles have launched their ‘Together at Zero’ initiative to be Australia’s most sustainable supermarket to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, commit to 100% renewable electricity and set a course to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. As part of their ambitions, they have included Replas products at all new developed Coles supermarkets with Cardboard Box Holders and Hand Sanitiser Stations, made from 100% post consumer post plastic material. Also, Replas built a custom table setting for the teams break room area.

Coles Group CEO Steven Cain said the launch of ‘Together to Zero’, along with the announcement of the new greenhouse gas reduction and renewable electricity targets were important steps in Coles Group’s mission to drive generational sustainability. “As part of these targets that we are setting today, we are delighted to introduce ‘Together to Zero’ which underlines our commitment to work together with all stakeholders towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions,” he said. “A key part of our ambition to be Australia’s most sustainable supermarket will be reducing our environmental impact, and we have a responsibility to help create a better Australia for future generations.”