City of Canada Bay Install Custom Modular Benches, Planter Boxes and Sandwich Sheeting

"The City of Canada Bay was looking for an Australian product that was sustainable and reflected a colourful urban look that could be adopted into various elements in the design," explained Wendy Wright, Landscape Architect for City of Canada Bay in New South Wales. Recycled plastic Modular Benches were turned into storage boxes, planter boxes and sandwich sheeting with engravings have all been installed at Murphy Reserve. City of Canada Bay also held a competition amongst the local schools to have students help with the design of the sheeting, where young Rueben was one of the winners, and will have his name and art work in Canada Bay for many years to come! "The adaptability of the product and the finish with the community art work looks great," said Wendy. "We support and source the most sustainable products to use in our designs, and so far we have had very positive feedback." When asked what benefits did Replas products have that stood out for Wendy, she said,"that they are 85% recycled plastic products, made in Australia." Murphy Reserve is now full of durable, long lasting and low maintenance recycled plastic products that the community can enjoy.


Wall Mounted Bench

A simple seating solution that's easy to install.

Premier Bench

A popular bench with a lightweight yet durable and sleek design.