Western Queensland has a multitude of national parks that make Australia as beautiful as it is. Located in the Southern Brigalow Belt bioregion lies Carnarvon National Park. Walking, driving, or hiking will take you through the rich wildlife of the Sandstone Wilderness – a harsh environment with countless plants and flowers. Nestled in the Carnarvon National Park is Balloon Cave, an aboriginal heritage site. The perfect fit-for-purpose as a low maintenance, long lasting product lies Replas Enduroplank™, an upgrade for the pathway near this cave. This recycled plastic decking solution gives better access to the National Park’s guests.

Not only is this recycled product low maintenance and long lasting, it is durable enough to handle to walkers, hikers, and even 4WD vehicles to head right into the heart of this country! Click here to find out more about Carnarvon National Park, who used recycled plastic from the locals to make products to preserve parks just like this one.


Remnant rainforest flourishes in the sheltered side-gorges while endemic Carnarvon fan palms (Livistona nitida), ancient cycas, ferns, flowering shrubs, and gum trees line the main gorge.