South Australia have officially poured their first Polyrok footpath in Campbelltown City Council on Glen Stuart Road, in the town of Magill. Premix Concrete completed the monumental first pour, with Sales Manager Mark Fisher and Operations Manager Luke Curran in attendance, along with Clive Harrington, the Senior Transport Officer for the council.

Polyrok concrete is the latest innovation from Replas, a sustainable recycled plastic aggregate alternative to mineral aggregate in concrete for pathways, kerbs & channels that find a home for the most problematic waste stream, soft plastic. State of the art technology allows Replas to use soft plastics that are recovered from the REDcycle program in Coles and Woolworths with leading packaging brands.

Fit for purpose, strong, and durable recyclable concrete from Replas is the new way for councils to be part of the Circular Economy. Specific plastic-to-cement binding technology has been tested to meet Australian Standards, efficiently and effectively replacing conventional mineral aggregate while diverting plastic from landfill.