Cairns Esplanade Swimming Lagoon is a 4800 sq. metre salt-water facility in the North Queensland city that offers an all-year-round, safe location free of stingers and crocodiles. With its barbeque facilities, parkland, playgrounds, and nearby coffee shops, it’s the perfect gathering–place for locals and visitors to enjoy a day in Cairns.

Incorporated with the lagoon’s sandy shores is extensive decking, most of which has been built in timber that cannot be expected to last forever in the tropical conditions. Cairns Regional Council is currently trialling recycled plastic Enduroplank™ decking and Replas profiles as a long life-cycle alternative to timber. In mid-2016 two Enduroplank™. platforms were placed at the lagoon’s edge for testing and observation. All the signs are that the product is a sound fit and the right solution for enhancing the  lagoon facility long-term, when the timber needs to be replaced.