PARC (Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre) have shown off their new cafe barriers out front of the new cafe. The signage before was a rusted/corroded sign to promote the Mount Franklin water, but now the cafe barriers will have the PARC brand facing the pool areas. The cafe barriers are also placed alongside where it all began for PARC – a recycling bin located in the out side area of the cafe. The Replas Sales and Marketing Director collected the recycled plastic containers to be processed and turned into recycled plastic products – the cafe barriers!

The importance of using Replas recycled plastic products in this area is the durability – these signs/barriers will withstand the elements of the environment and they won’t rest, crack, or split in the facilities. It also shows the community that PARC and Replas are serious about Closing the Loop and creating the Circular Economy. After this initial installation, four more cafe barriers are being ordered after seeing the quality of the first installation.