The Bunnings in Narrabeen, New South Wales, have installed new recycled plastic Wheel stops at their facility to stop bars driving into the brick wall in the car park. Replas recycled plastic wheel stops are a tough, light-weight alternative to concrete stops. They can be used in car parks to prevent damage to walls and other vehicles, making the Bunnings install fit for purpose. All wheel stops can be routed with text, for reserved parking or company branding, while the blue colour is idea for ‘accessible’ parking. Their light-weight construction means that they can be installed by one person without the use of expensive lifting equipment or risking personal injury. Available in a length of 1.65 m, in grey, yellow or blue, their low 100 mm height prevents damage to cars that have low-set spoilers. A sustainable way to include soft plastic recycling at the local Bunnings with a fit for purpose install.