Glenelg Shire Council, in Victoria, have installed recycled plastic Brolga Bollards in Portland at the boat ramp and car park area. Named after the official bird emblem of Queensland, the Brolga Bollard is tall and slender. With an elegant profile and is equally at home in coastal or wetland areas. The unique double wall construction offers more rigidity which adds to the strength of the installation. A hollow centre means the bollards are both strong and extremely lightweight. This makes the Brolga Bollards cheaper to transport and easier to install.

As is the case with all Replas recycled plastic products, these posts are virtually maintenance free. They will not split, rot, crack or ever need painting. The addition of recycled plastic products along the coast gives Glenelg Shire Council confidence that there will be no deterioration from the salt water/air, unlike a timber alternative. Brolga Bollards will be lining Portland boat ramps and car parks for many years to come.