“What was once a sleepy Bayside village has evolved into one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the Redlands, with a mix of residential, conservation and commercial areas. ” – Redland City Council on Victoria Point, QLD.

Ern & Alma Dowling Memorial Park in Victoria Point is an ideal spot to enjoy the sunny day in Queensland. An area that is up and coming with residents and tourists, it’s important to fill the area with product that will be long lasting and durable to the environment (against termites and the heat). Replas recycled plastic Brolga Bollards were the perfect fit for Ern & Alma Park. With bollards all around the park, it keeps the community safe from car damage and vandalism. Also, having a recycled plastic product means there will be no termite damage like the usual timber bollards. A fit-for-purpose product that is low maintenance for the council, and a great way to show new residents where their recycled soft plastics are going in their community!