Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Council has been replacing old, rotting timber bollards with the Replas Brolga Bollard. Recycled-plastic bollards are a terrific maintenance-free investment. They’re reasonably priced and once installed they won’t need painting, staining, sanding or replacing. This increases maintenance teams availabilities and eliminates the previously high costs of maintaing timber bollards.

The Brolga is designed to be similar to existing chamfered topped standard Australian bollards but with the added advantage of recycled-plastic and a sleek new design. The Brolga Bollards are long-lasting, durable, with a built in colour, UV stabiliser and requiring zero maintenance.

Being in close proximity to the salt water, timber products have a relatively limited lifespan. Recycled-plastic however, is unaffected by moisture, salt or microorganisms and will maintain its beauty and stability for years and years to come.