“We were thinking a white tabletop, but when we saw your product we fell in love,” explains Yianni Passaris, Director at ‘Ping Pong‘, a Thai restaurant/bar in Brisbane, QLD. Yianni has installed Grade 1 Post Consumer Sheeting for the tables and bar countertops, a material that uses clear HDPE milk and juice bottles, caps, bottleneck rings, and coloured bottles. “We chose Replas because it is a unique product and suited our space. The product is environmentally friendly and is different from the other restaurants, we were surprised how good the quality was for recycled plastic,” said Yianni.

Replas Post Consumer Recycled Sheeting is 100% solid plastic sheets 2.4 x 1.2m in size, available in a thickness range from 10 to 30 mm in two different Grades. “Everyone loves the product and it’s one of the first things they comment on when walking into Ping Pong,” said Yianni.

Credit: Derlot Designers | Florian Groehn Photography