Like a lot of beautiful celebrities, the Mt Annan Botanic Gardens needed a little bit of cosmetic work done to compliment its natural beauty. Located in Narrellan, just south west of Sydney, NSW, the gardens have been a favourite for many weddings, educational tours and horticultural research.

The 416 hectare garden provides Sydney with one of its most popular tourist destinations as its home to over 4000 different species of native flora. Now it’s also home to some of Replas’ environmentally sustainable products that ensure gardens like these continue to have the opportunity to flourish.

The seats were refurbished using 40 millimetre recycled-plastic profiles, replacing the old timber. Enduroplank™ was used instead of concrete, timber or bitumen to create the pathway as well as 100 millimetre x 100 millimetre bollards to barricade the restricted areas.

These environmentally-friendly and low-maintenance products have ensured that the Australian Botanic Gardens keeps its beauty for years to come.