Jack Edwards Park has been enhanced with recycled plastic bollards, signage and furniture from Replas. In Barmah, Victoria, Moira Shire Council have included a selection of products made from recycled plastic. The 125 mm green bollards help deter vehicles and pedestrians in the park – modified with reflectors. A plank sign showcasing ‘Jack Edwards Park’ has also been installed, including a custom in ground, beachcomber bench. Like all recycled plastic products from Replas, these products will not rot, split or crack and will never need painting. Moira Shire Council can rely on Replas products to outlast any harsh weather conditions with durability and long lasting attributes. The low maintenance aspect also allows the park to need little attention from maintenance crews in the council. Continuing their installations of recycled plastic products, Moira Shire Council are creating a demand and Circular Economy.