The new Ironwood Development in Cranbourne, VIC, has been upgraded with recycled plastic products from Replas installed by Replas Pro Commercialscapes. The 145 mm bollards, Kingfisher seats and Flinders Settings gives this area long lasting, durable outdoor products that will not rot, split, crack or ever need painting. The robust 145 mm bollard comprises a recycled plastic profile with a pyramid-shaped top. Replas bollards are the ideal solution wherever rigid barriers are required to define boundaries or deter vehicles and pedestrians. For ease of handling, the 145 mm bollard is hollow to reduce its weight. Replas’ elegant recycled-plastic Kingfisher seat features 40mm slats so as to provide maximum comfort. Flinders Settings is an attractive picnic setting, and unlike our other settings, this features the slats running the other way. The durable, long lasting and low maintenance products from Replas will give the new Ironwood Development furniture bollards to last through the years.