After conducting research to obtain a product that would be elegant, cost effective, long lasting and suitable to display the school’s values on, Pimpama State School came across Replas. Recycled plastic bollard signage was chosen as the product to showcase these important values along the school’s entrance for all to see. Business Service Manager, Karen Murphy, explained how Replas was the only company that met their needs and offered a product suitable for use. “We have had the bollard signage installed for a number of years now, and it still looks as neat and professional as when we originally installed them,” said Karen. Each sign represents one of the school values: Pride, Integrity, Manners, Partnerships, Acceptance, Morality, and Accountability. Not only are these values important for the development of students and the school community, they are very creatively an acronym of Pimpama. Replas bollards have lasted the weather conditions, and have shown no signs of colour fading, cracking, rotting, or splitting. “I feel this product offers great value for money,” said Karen, “we would recommend Replas to other companies or schools who are looking for the same product, without any hesitation.”