Installed over 3 years ago, recycled plastic bollard fencing stands strong with no deterioration at North Narrabeen Reserve in the Northern Beaches Council in New South Wales. 330 Brolga bollards were installed by Replas Pro Larmans (Land and Road Management Services). The installer and Managing Director of Larmans, Niroop Reddy Keesari said, “the holes in the bottom of the bollards made the installation very easy and fast to install.” This Replas Brolga bollard fencing installation features steal pipes, just one combination of various in the bollard fencing range. North Narrabeen Reserve, also known as Pittwater Rugby Park, is a multi-use sporting facility managed and maintained by the council for the Northern Beaches Community. Located only 500 metres from the North Narrabeen Beach, it was important that the product chosen for a bollard boundary would be long lasting, durable and able to withstand the salt water environment. The recycled plastic Brolga bollard from Replas is tall and slender, with an elegant profile. The unique double wall construction offers more rigidity, adding to the strength of the installation. Also, with a hollow centre, the Brolga bollard is extremely light weight making it easier to transfer and install. Niroop explained the recycled plastic bollards as “straight and very easy to handle during installation.” With minimal maintenance and long lasting effects, the Brolga bollard from Replas was the solution for the Northern Beaches Council at North Narrabeen Reserve.