Nestled in Chaffey Trail, the 46 metre staircase popularly known as Blandowski Walk was constructed from recycled-plastic signage, furniture, and Enduroplank™ decking with a composite fibre sub-structure, offering exquisite views over the surrounding cliffs. Completed back in 2015, this lookout has provided many visitors with fantastic views that follow the river from Merbein through to the Riverside Golf Course.

When starting on this walk, you will see Replas signage saying, “these stairs and viewing platforms are constructed from Replas Enduroplank™ with a composite fibre sub-structure. Plastic waste collected throughout the community was used to create the recycled-plastic decking. Replas products are long lasing, low-maintenance, and help reduce the amount of plastic sent to landfill.” The boardwalk material is made from Replas Enduroplank™, a sturdy long lasting and virtually maintenance free decking product that provides an ethical alternative to timber. After walking up the 30 metres of the Enduroplank™ boardwalk, take a sat at the top with a recycled plastic furniture piece, the Kimberley Seat. The Kimberley Seat features an ergonomic design with a smooth curved back for extra comfort. It will not split, crack, or ever need painting, making it an ideal option for Blandowski Walk.

The Mildura Rural City Council needed to be conscious of the natural environment on site and to keep within a strict footprint. And they did just that! All of the aspects of Replas recycled plastic products make it the perfect fit, and have proven to stand the test of time, and for many more years to come at Blandowski Walk!

William Blandowski was a Victorian Government Zoologist who established a camp at “Chaffey Landing” at the bottom of the Merbein cliffs, in 1857. With the help of the local Nyeri Nyeri people Blandowski studied our local wildlife and collected over 17,000 specimens for the Museum of Natural History in Melbourne.”