In the Western Sydney CBD lies Nurragingy Reserve, a very large recreational reserve within Blacktown council. In the earlier days of building the city of Sydney, Nurragingy Reserve formed part of the Cumberland Timber Forest. This was a major supplier of timber for the making and construction of new houses and fences going up in the area. As well as using this timber for heating, this area was actually used for everything from a rented horse studio to an illegal rubbish dump.

Many years later in the 1970’s, the land was purchased by the State Government for the Eastern Creek Special Uses and Open Space Corridor. Nurragingy Reserve now acts as a green belt for the residential and industrial developments in the Western Sydney Region. And, to keep this reserve up to those expectations, Blacktown Council have installed hundreds of the 150 mm black bollards to separate the grassed areas from the various roads. With such windy, curvy roads, ┬áthe council has many pallets of bollards to continue with more installations.