St. Matthews Catholic School in Logan City Council, QLD have installed Big Benches and Flinders Settings last year in their outdoor area. The students gather around the recycled plastic furniture during breaks, while it is also used as an outdoor learning area. Big Benches from Replas are a popular furniture piece for schools as it is available in two generous sizes, both 1.8 rectangular and square models. For a contemporary finish, Big Benches can also have side slats and are available in a selection of colours. Flinders Settings is a picnic setting that features slats running the other direction. St. Matthews Catholic School has included a chess board insert made from high impact acrylic material, for the students to use as well. As is the case with all recycled plastic furniture, in both the Big Bench and Flinders Setting, they are virtually maintenance free and will never rot, split, crack or ever need painting. These recycled plastic products from Replas are a great addition to St. Matthews Catholic School and contribute to the Circular Economy.