Replas attended the 2019 LGA, Local Government Association of South Australia, Conference between the 14th-16th of August. At the conference, Replas had the opportunity to network with regional councils, contacts and recycled plastic product advocate. Just a few of those recycled plastic product advocates were Margaret Evans and Rhonda Centofanti from Berri Barmera Council. Margaret told Mark Jacobsen, Sales and Marketing Director, in 2010 she won a Replas seat and had it installed in her local retirement village. Ever since then, she has become an active member in Berri Barmera Council to install recycled plastic seats. “The timber would rot, split and crack and the metal seats got way too hot in the summer. The recycled plastic seats are perfect and look beautiful along the river front,” said Margaret. Rhonda agreed, saying the new seats really stood out, “just like this seat here with the fish, the recycled plastic seats really stands out and just looks beautiful. The new seats along the Murray are a great blue and grey colour.” Margaret and Rhonda said they will continue to support the procurement of recycled plastic products in their council.