Residents of Middleton in South Australia love their beach, but access was becoming difficult due to a deteriorating old timber and chain boardwalk.

After researching many products Alexandrina Council chose to install a recycled-plastic Enduroplank™ pathway. According to Bronson Symmonds, Coastal Maintenance Officer from Alexandrina Council the recycled-plastic decking stood out because, ‘This product addressed issues that other products could not’.

Bronson said the council, ‘regularly use recycled plastic bollards and fence posts. This was the first board walk we have trialled and it has been low maintenance and user friendly.

We are always looking at new products and trialling sustainable products that suit our area. The Replas recycled plastic range has been great and we look forward to trialling and using more of these products in certain areas in the future’.

The council are pleased with the final result saying, ‘How easy it was to construct and how sturdy the final product was’. Residents too, are happy with the new access. Bronson said, ‘We have had a great response from residences that couldn’t access the site previously. Now it’s a great spot with easy access to the beach which is safe and looks great, but also a little different’.