Along the Capricorn Coast in Queensland, Livingstone Shire Council is continuing to develop the coastal path network. Part of this new development has seen the installation of 10 recycled plastic Beachcomber sets along the pathway for tourists, cyclists and local residents to use and enjoy. Each Beachcomber from Replas is made with a marine design located on various areas of this pathway. Recycled plastic Beachcombers are specially designed for beach side installations; on a pier, or outside a surf shop, the comfortable Beachcomber seat will add interest to any setting. The seat designs Livingstone Shire Council have installed include the surfboard shape model, routed and tailored to their design. Salt water environments will not corrode the recycled plastic seat, and it will not rot, split or crack like alternative materials in marine environments. These durable, low maintenance Beachcombers will add spark to the new development along the Capricorn Coast in Queensland.