“I believe that everything I do makes a difference – no action is too small.  And it’s not just about making environmentally friendly choices, but also actively supporting individuals, businesses and industries that are working for our planet,” explains Leslie Adams, who received a recycled plastic Beachcomber seat from her family last month for her birthday. “We live by the sea where it is often very windy which, coupled with the sun and salt air creates a challenging environment for outdoor furniture and fittings,” said Leslie. The Beachcomber seat from Replas has been specially designed to be installed near the beachside and is especially suitable in marine environments as salt water will not corrode the material. Like all recycled plastic products, the Beachcomber will not rot, crack or split and will never need to be painted, requiring minimal maintenance for Leslie and per pooch, Roy, “it’s not just maintenance – though this is of course important, it is about fit for purpose. An occasional hosing or wipe down – mainly to remove the doggy footprints – is all it will need.” Leslie and Roy will be able to enjoy the recycled plastic Beachcomber from Replas for many years, “I love that every time I take my soft plastics to my local supermarket I am contributing to the great work your company does.”