North Queensland is home to many beautiful sceneries, and is home to a lookout that has visitors coming from far and wide. Barron Falls Lookout in Kuranda is now home to a recycled plastic lookout made from Replas Enduroplank™. In such a remote area, it was important for the builders to have easy to use materials that were not bulky or heavy. The low maintenance and durable material that is Replas boardwalk, Enduroplank™, gave Dorahy Builders that perfect product to use. Now for many years to come, this incredible lookout will withstand thousands of guests to see the amazing Barrom Falls in Barron Gorge National Park.

Barron Gorge National Park

Barron Falls Lookout, which is possibly the most famous waterfall lookout in North Queensland, is visited by thousands of people each year. The lookout offers a full frontal aspect of the falls, which are at their most spectacular during the wet season when the Barron River is in full flood. Rugged peaks, steep gorges, tumbling waterfalls, lush rainforest, varied wildlife, easy access, a colourful history and a range of recreational opportunities make this one of Queensland’s most popular national parks.”