In early 2019, Livingstone Shire Council in Queensland completed upgrades to the Barmaryee Sports Precinct. The council have installed over 750 recycled plastic bollards from Replas to deter vehicles and pedestrians in the sports complex. The 100 mm bollards comprises a recycled plastic profile with a pyramid shaped top and is partially hollowed to reduce it’s weight. With a routed collar at the top and four holes in the base to fill with concrete when installing, these robust bollards will withstand the harsh weather conditions in Queensland. Like all recycled plastic products at Replas, the 100 mm bollards won’t rot, split or crack or ever need painting. The low maintenance aspect allows the council and sporting precinct to focus on other areas of the complex. Livingston Shire Council continue to install durable, long lasting recycled plastic bollards for their community to use for many years to come.