The famous Bar Atrium at the Australian Open has been specifically designed from reclaimed, reused, and recycled material by the 2021 sustainable events agency, Frank Wild. “At Frank Wild we specialise in sustainability, so are constantly working to improve the materials we use and the suppliers we work with. In any situation that we can use an eco or planet friendly alternative we definitely will,” explains Ashleigh Docherty, Project Manager for Bar Atrium. “The signage and feature pieces we used Replas. At the end of the day any time we can avoid using virgin materials is a good day. Whilst we can achieve the same aesthetic outcome with other products, the environmental benefits of Replas cannot be achieved with our usual materials” said Ashleigh. The sheeting supplied by Replas is available in a range of colours, in smooth or textured finish that is tough, strong and durable. Post Industrial Sheeting will not rot, crack, swell, and will last for years outdoors. “The cooperation of the team at Replas, the comparable finish to our usual materials, and the circularity of the product made us impressed and happy with this product. The ability to return the sheets post-use so they can become new sheets once again is something we hold in high regard with our chosen suppliers. While we recycle/reuse whatever we can, knowing exactly where the product is ending up post-use is very beneficial to us,Ashleigh said. “With consideration for application and production requirements, we can definitely see ourselves working with Replas in the future.”