“Discover where Australia’s sporting champions are created and gain an insight into the life of our leading athletes.” The Australian Institute of Sport located in Bruce, ACT, have installed hundreds of recycled plastic bollards. Situated along the many internal roads through the area. The bollards are to prevent cars from entering specific areas of the complex. “Included is a visit to Sportex, one of Australia’s leading interactive sports exhibits, set amongst a first-class collection of sporting memorabilia. Try wheelchair basketball, virtual downhill skiing, rock climbing, football penalty shootouts and more. Great fun for all ages and athletic abilities.”

Bollards Installed to Protect Grounds

Replas has installed black bollards with a yellow reflective tap inserted into the routed collar on all four sides. This modification is completed in the Replas factory, making installation on site easy and effective. There are other modifications which are ex. signage plaques, round reflectors, even lettering EG street signs. A great addition to the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, adding to the list of sustainable communities and organisations. Read more about the Institute of Sport at the ‘Visit Canberra’ page here.