APS Drainage and Civil have installed the first Polyrok concrete footpath for Frankston City Council in Seaford, VIC. Working closely with Frankston Sand and Soil, General Manager for APS, Amy Ridgway, looks forward to providing sustainable outcomes in construction and concrete footpaths. “We are really excited to be able to pour a sustainable aggregate in collaboration with Replas and Frankston City Council. This project has been in the planning stage for about 3-4 months, and is the first pour for local government. It’s fantastic to see thousands of pieces of soft plastic packaging going to infrastructure construction, rather than landfill.”

Polyrok concrete is the latest innovation from Replas, a sustainable alternative to mineral aggregate in concrete for pathways, kerbs & channels that find a home for the most problematic waste stream, soft plastic. State of the art technology allows Replas to use post-consumer soft plastics that are recovered from the REDcycle program in Coles and Woolworths with leading packaging brands. Polyrok results in a superior product that has benefits over conventional concrete. Specific plastic-to-cement binding technology has been tested to meet Australian Standards, efficiently and effectively replacing conventional mineral aggregate while diverting plastic from landfill.

Matt, one of the contractors who installed Polyrok, said some of the other boys ‘didn’t even realise’ it was Polyrok. “From a concreters point of view, it’s no different to normal concrete. Polyrok has the same finish and is easy to work with. From an environmental stand point, I think it’s a great product and so good to see it being used by Frankston City Council.  It’s good to see something is being done with the plastic bags, and I would recommend Polyrok to all contractors and councils,” said Matt.

“We really are looking forward to doing continuous projects with Polyrok and to Close the Loop on waste,” said Amy.