Anzac Park Lined With Recycled Plastic 150 mm Round Brown Bollards from Replas

Brown bollard fencing has been installed at Ruffey Lake Park in Manningham City Council, Victoria. Installed for many years, these recycled plastic bollards from Replas have been modified as bollard fencing with a gal pip railing. The abundance of 145 mm bollards means less maintenance for Manningham City Council, has recycled plastic bollards do not rot, split, crack and never need painting. The robust 145 mm bollard comprises a recycled plastic profile with a pyramid-shaped top. Replas bollards are the ideal solution wherever rigid barriers are required to define boundaries or deter vehicles and pedestrians. For ease of handling, the 145 mm bollard is hollow to reduce its weight. Their sturdy recycled plastic construction is suitable for any environment and they will outlast timber bollards by many years. The 145 mm square bollards is easy to install and can stand alone or be linked like the ones at Ruffey Lake Park. A long lasting, durable solution for bollard fencing for Manningham City Council.


150 mm Round Bollard

Classic domed bollards, commonly used to define boundaries.