“We love it and as this is for the children to enjoy for years to come, I think it is important for them to see how recycled items are used and made to last,” said Carmen Griffiths of Rotary Peninsula 2.0, of the new 200 mm Trackmarker signs at Montague Park in Frankston, Victoria. When asked why Carmen chose a recycled plastic product from Replas, she said “recycled material is great for the environment and is able to withstand the Australian sun.” Trackmarker signs are ideal when highlighting the feature of an area, perfect for the ‘Birth Tree’ at Montague Park. Rotary Peninsula 2.0 purchase Trackmarkers from Replas every year to celebrate the births in the area. The benefits Carmen was looking forward to were design and functionality, Replas Trackmarker signs are available in a number of sizes and colours and have moulded holes in the below ground section that are filled with concrete to provide strength and durability. The response from the public? “Love it!” said Carmen. “Unveiling ceremony day people are amazed. Watching people post photos of their children pointing to their name seems to make them happy, but I think we get a bigger kick out of it,” continued Carmen. Because of the durability, low maintenance and recycled plastic aspect, Rotary Peninsula 2.0 and Frankston City Council are avid buyers of recycled plastic products from Replas, creating a Circular Economy and diverting soft plastics from landfill to create beautiful, long lasting signs for the ‘Birth Trees’ in Montague Park.