Installed back in 2006, recycled plastic bollards, plank signs and trackmarkers are showing their longevity through their pristine condition in Yarra City Council. The Replas products provide directions to many pedestrians along the great Capital City Trail, while the bollards have been used to house galvanised piping rials to deter vehicles in the suburban area. ┬áReplas bollards are robust and will not split, rot, crack, or ever need painting. Plank Signs are perfect to identify park-lands, schools, and recreational grounds – a great fit for purpose for the Capital City Trail. Trackmarker signs highlight the features of the area, they offer the advantage that both sides of the sign may be utilised. Moulded holes, in the below ground section, are filled with concrete to provide strength and durability. Almost 15 years later, and these recycled plastic products from Replas have withstood the environment and will continue to benefit the community and Yarra City Council.