Border collies Jack and Lily enjoy a beautiful view looking out into the Whitsunday Region in Queensland on top of their new recycled plastic deck from Replas, Enduroplank™. Home owner and landscape architect at U PLAN, Steve Moss says it is “currently a spot to relax, an outdoor bath is under consideration, and with the added weight and water – another good reason to use Enduroplank.” The product cost, strength, durability (especially with heat and rain), environment credentials, and aesthetics were key ‘decision making’ design issues for Steve. “The ease of installing the product was an added benefit. The install guides and friendly Replas staff advice all made the design and installation a very positive experience,” continued Steve. Installation completed by Steve and Simon O’Neil of Fiddlers Green Landscape. Pictures taken by creative director and owner Justin Heitman of Open Home Films. A great installation all over, great work Steve and team!