Eight years ago, Replas installed an Enduroplank™ boardwalk in the Ngiligi Cave, Western Australia. Almost a decade later, the boardwalk is in exactly the same condition as when it was first installed.

Recently, we received a glowing letter of recommendation from the supervisor of the Ngilgi Cave System in WA. The letter reads:

Our cave has had recycled plastic boardwalks almost all the way through it for about 8 years. We had a few reasons for choosing this material in the cave, the most important one was its resistance to humidity. The cave has a constant humidity level all year round of 98%. This means the boardwalks are generally always damp. They used to be made of wood but it was found that the wood deteriorated too quickly under the cave conditions. The recycled boardwalks at present are showing no signs of rotting or wear and tear apart from being slightly dirtier (which can be easily washed off) they are in the same condition as they were eight years ago.

Average yearly attendance is about 50,000 people. Since each person traverses the track twice, the foot traffic is equivalent to 100,000 people passing over each board.

The track is extremely aesthetically pleasing, and does not detract from the cave ambience. The final comment was, ‘I would recommend this product to anyone who was after an environmentally friendly boardwalk that is not only durable and hard wearing but aesthetically pleasing’.