When a parent at St Michael’s in Bassendean, WA, entered the recent Coles competition and won a Replas seat for their school, little did they know it would cause such a reaction at the school.

The new seat looked so good compared to the rickety old wooden benches surrounding it that the school decided to update the seating outside all of the classrooms.

I looked at the tag on the seat we had won and contacted Replas who were very helpful and accommodating. The 6 new benches I ordered arrived within a few days. They immediately improved the look around the school and created a buzz of excitement amongst the kids and parents as everyone likes to know what happens to their recycling after it is put into the bins. I think it is important that we show everyone the value of recycling and how valuable things can be made from recycled products’. Laurie Bechelli, Principal of St Michael’s, Bassendean, WA.