Alma Bay Magnetic Island in Queensland is known for it’s small but beautiful 150 m beach. Facing east, with two prominent granite headlands running out for 300 m on either side of the beach. This spot now has 8 new recycled plastic Track Marker signs, assisting the public with signage for rest rooms, fishing regulations, and more. These blue bollards are a great way to show the circular economy effect of taking plastic out of the ocean and creating fit-for-purpose products, like Track Marker signs. Including older paddle signs that Replas had installed over 12 years ago, with no signs of wear and tear in this harsh salt, marine environment.

Also on Magnetic Island is the local RSL, installed many 125 mm recycled plastic bollards adjacent to the front lawn and neighbouring property. These bollards have also been in place for many years and have required littleĀ  to no maintenance during this time. Replas recycled plastic products are known for being durable and long-lasting, a perfect example at Alma Bay and around Magnetic Island in Queensland.