“Have a box on us. This unit is made from 100% post-consumer plastics.”

Replas has fabricated a new, 100% post consumer cardboard box holder for the new Coles Local Supermarket in Glenferrie, Victoria. This new sheeting is made from 70% coloured bottles collected through household kerbside recycling and 30% soft plastics collected from Coles supermarkets through the REDcycle program. Customers are encouraged to take a free, recycled fruit and vegetable ‘carry box’ in place of plastic bags for their groceries. Coles Group CEO Steven Cain said the store had been designed to offer locals the most convenient end-to-end shopping experience possible. This Coles Local is tailored specifically to the needs of local customers, and incorporates a range of environmental initiatives to make it the most sustainable Coles supermarket in Australia. With the addition of the 100% recycled cardboard box holder, more members of the community will be able to see the possibilities for sustainability and a Circular Economy lifestyle.