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PARKS VICTORIA: Twelve Apostles footbridges

Six timber footbridges at The Twelve Apostles car park, in Victoria, were transformed with the installation of recycled plastic Enduroplank™ decking with composite fibre sub-structure. Parks Victoria was particularly pleased that during their busy period at the site, it took only a short time to install these low maintenance and cost effective structures.

‘We are really happy with the end product. It looks great and blends in well with the natural environment. It is a fantastic match for these types of coastal sites where severe conditions are common.’

Will Cox, Ranger in Charge for the Port Campbell National Park.

LEICHARDT MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, NSW: Dawn Fraser Baths—large profiles

The old timber fenders at The Dawn Fraser Baths were replaced in 2007 with recycled plastic Large Profiles. Leichardt Municipal Council chose recycled plastic after an assessment of different materials demonstrated the suitability of the product.

‘The analysis was based on a 25 year period and importantly, included maintenance and replacement costs where necessary. This is an extremely harsh environment requiring a tough and versatile material. Despite a slightly higher purchase price than some of the alternatives, the recycled plastic option was the most cost effective when assessed on a full life cycle basis.’

Ian Marchant, Team Leader Infrastructure, Leichardt Municipal Council.

HUTT CITY COUNCIL, NZ: wheel stops

As part of a redevelopment Hutt City Council, NZ, needed to improve its on-street car parking. They created angle parking where there had previously been wide grass berms. The new concrete parks were flush with the existing footpath, and wheel stops were an essential component of the job.

‘We wanted to use recycled plastic to fit with the council’s approach to sustainability. The yellow Replas wheel stops are ideal. We needed a strong visual differentiation to ensure separation between car park and footpath.’

Peter Mumm, Project Manager of BP2 Project Management.


MACKAY REGIONAL COUNCIL, QLD: Bluewater Trail—boardwalk

The 21 km Bluewater trail in Mackay, incorporates a walkway—The Pioneer Environmental Walk—which is under water four weeks of the year. As Mackay Regional Council needed a product for this part of the trail that could withstand such conditions, they chose Replas’ recycled plastic Enduroplank™ with a composite fibre sub-structure. These products are strong, yet light and easy to install ensuring the boardwalk was constructed in record time.

‘The final appearance of the completed boardwalk is a credit to all involved. The products incorporated into the project offered a superior product over conventional methods and products used in the past.’

John Board, Qld Construction Manager with Abergeldie Constructions.



The City of Canterbury, NSW has provided the new Cooks River Fitness Trail to help make exercise equipment accessible to everyone and to encourage the community to get active. They chose a Separated Exersite™— four stations each containing different ranges of exercise equipment—placed at irregular intervals.

‘The Separated Exersite™ was carefully chosen because of its durability, ease of use, appeal to a diverse range of users, and previous success by other councils’

The Mayor of the city of Cantebury, CR Robert Furolo MP.

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