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Replas wants to ensure that their customers are receiving all the information they need to make the best purchase. Also to understand what happens with their waste and how it’s used to make these products. Please visit Replas statements and information below to get the full scope on Replas recycled plastic products.

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We can help you calculate how much plastic you can save from landfill by purchasing recycled plastic products. Simply plug in the weight of the product into the Excel spreadsheet and Replas can tell you just how much you are saving the world!


The Replas process is very efficient – we use about 25% of the power that it takes to make virgin plastic. Replas does not wash the plastic making it so there is no water used. Replas only adds colour and UV stabiliser to their products at an add rate of roughly 2%.

The only waste created are any contaminates like aluminum cans or bottles which are of course recycled. The other bonus is that Replas products replace a lot of things that use valuable resources like timber etc. These products at end of life, or when damaged, can be recycled back into new recycled plastic products.

Recycled Mixed Plastics Purchasing Toolkit

ECO-Buy has developed a toolkit to provide buyers with independent information on the features, uses and specifications for recycled plastic products. It will assist Australian purchasers make informed enquiries and better decisions on appropriately utilising these materials.

Recycled Plastics Toolkit