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How does recycling plastic in Australia really work?

Australia has embraced the idea of keeping plastic out of landfill. We separate our hard plastic for kerbside collection and take our soft plastic to Coles. That’s recycling, right? Not quite. In fact it’s just the first step.

Replas uses plastic waste collected in Australia to make a range of outdoor products.
If there is no demand for these products, the plastic waste may end up in landfill instead.
When government, schools and industry purchase these products they are all helping to make the process work by closing the loop on recycling.

For recycling to be viable there must be a demand for the resulting products.

Recycle Your Plastic
Our Recycling Partners

When you choose a recycled-plastic product you contribute to the continuing work of our Research & Development centre which is dedicated to ensuring manufacturing methods are as sustainable and efficient as possible.

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The Types of Plastic We Recycle

Replas recycles a wide range of rigid and soft plastics collected through industry and the community. The below chart shows the types of plastic we can accept. The illustrations are a guide only and by no means a comprehensive representation of the plastic we recycle.

We can help you calculate how much plastic you can save from landfill by purchasing recycled plastic products.


Australian Packaging Covenant

Replas is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and as Australia’s largest recycler of plastic, fully supports the aims of the organisation.

This action plan provides a framework to further develop our relationship and increase the potential for sustainable development.

Action Plan 2012-2016

Business Clean Up Day 2013

APC Member Benefits

Replas offers:
Complimentary use of the Replas Environmental Centre
10 per cent discount on recycled plastic products intended for use by the member organisation

Sustainable leadership