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Replas has a range of over 200 high quality recycled plastic products. We also offer custom design to suit your individual requirements. Recycled plastic products will outlast timber alternatives by many years and require minimal maintenance making them an economical choice.

Long Lasting

 Cost Effective

Australian Made

 Environmentally Friendly

Low Maintenance

 Easy to Install

A high quality and durable bike stand

A sustainable seat with a very special purpose.


A sturdy sub structure for a timber free solution.

Comes complete with Bubble Cock and safety guard..


Prevent slips on jetties, boardwalks, pools and wet areas.

The ideal solution for garden beds and playgrounds.

An innovative and clever solution


Extra style with a relaxed modern feel.


Create your own unique layout.

Perfect for courtyards and deck areas.

Control traffic and improve safety.

The perfect container

Multi purpose sheeting in a range of colours

Recycled plastic litter bin.

Flexible, yet strong and durable.

Create an instant staircase

Will fit 2, 4, 6 or 8 wheelie bins.

Protects trees and improves streetscape.

Provide added stability for caravans.