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Schools play an important part in educating students about recycling and sustainability. Replas is passionate about making products from recycled plastic and shares the vision that by empowering young people we can equip them with the knowledge that they can make a difference. We take the community’s waste that would otherwise go to landfill and turn it into new products in a variety of colours and designs to suit the needs of your school community.

Long Lasting

 Cost Effective

Australian Made

 Environmentally Friendly

Low Maintenance

 Easy to Install

School equipment needs to be tough enough to withstand the variety of Australian climates as well as active students. Recycled plastic is economical, hard wearing and does not contain any harmful chemicals which may exist in timber. It is difficult to damage and eliminates hazards such as cracks or splinters. Our custom design service allows you to create an interesting and attractive area which is flexible enough to adapt to different needs, layouts and budgets. Reduce your maintenance costs and protect your students with safe, long lasting recycled plastic.

We can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

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A visit to the Replas Environmental Centre in Victoria offers students a fun and interactive way to discover more about recycling plastic. Students have the opportunity to view the technology used in the recycling process and gain an understanding of how they can be part of the solution in their everyday lives.




Recycled plastic bollards are an excellent alternative to timber

Enduroplank is an Australian made recycled plastic decking.

Replas offers a broad range of quality recycled plastic outdoor furniture.

Replas makes a range of recycled plastic signs.